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Hi everyone! In case you aren’t on our Facebook fan page, thought I’d share that today through Monday there is a 10% off coupon code on all our listed items!  That is on top of free shipping. What a great way to get a deal on a handmade gift, right?

Come on over and see what we have. Custom orders are of course still welcome, and if placed by Monday, still get the discount too.

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To celebrate the beginning of spring, we have a coupon code from now until the Spring Equinox! Save 10% off any purchase at our ArtFire Shop!!

I’ll be going through all of our in stock items over the next week, as well as listing our new things too, so keep checking often.

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Well, finally we’re getting a bit more organized around here! Now when you want to look at our creations, you no longer have to go back through blog posts. Off to the right, under “Pages” there is an option of “Items for Sale”. When you click through there,  there are man catagories to look through and enjoy. (ok, well, right now only 3, but more to come soon I promise!)

And if you find something you feel drawn too, feel free to either leave us a comment here on the site, or drop us an email at drgnmnc@gmail.com

Oh, and one other new bit of news, Herbal Magic in Lockport now carries our journals. And my gosh does that place have every herb, spice or tea you can imagine!


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Here are some of our book marks.

Anything you would like to purchase, or see more of, please either leave a comment here with your email and we’ll get back to you, or you can email us at drgnmnc@gmail.com ). Even sold items, he can often redo something very similar, though of course not exactly the same.

Some of the pics are just not as detailed as I’d like, so after I get done adding the rest of what I’ve got ready, I’ll go back and add some better pics of these as well.

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