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Hi everyone! In case you aren’t on our Facebook fan page, thought I’d share that today through Monday there is a 10% off coupon code on all our listed items!  That is on top of free shipping. What a great way to get a deal on a handmade gift, right?

Come on over and see what we have. Custom orders are of course still welcome, and if placed by Monday, still get the discount too.

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Getting things up online has been farther behind than expected. Out of town guests, germs, and family birthdays have all popped up. But I have gotten a lot listed on our Artfire page, and as soon as that part is all caught up, will get them over here too. So far the newest up there are necklaces, but prints to come next, then journals to follow. And now that they have shopping by location as an option, I’ll be getting originals up as well.

And jewelry and prints are all free shipping through the holidays!! Come check out what’s available and let us know what you think, we love hearing from you.

(oh, and soon new deals will be posted on our Facebook Fan page, so if you haven’t ‘liked’ us yet, be sure you do!)

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I’ve been fascinated by Faeries all my life, not just the cute and sparkly, but the dark and tricky too. And Shakespeare’s Titania is one I love. I especially loved that though she is light and beautiful, she is, well, not morally like us.   Much like any Faerie, even a Shining One, there is a touch of dark, or just different that we will never truly understand as just plain simple humans. This piece was made to honor that. The light and beautiful, with just a touch of darkness on the edges.

This focal was one I just happened across and fell in love with. The two stones atop if are just slightly colored, though it doesn’t show well in the picture, the left side is a blueish tone, the right a purple. Though I’m not sure, I think this is a slice of a geode.  It is surrounded by amethyst,  adventurine, shells, mother of pearl, opalite, Czech glass, moss agate, ice flake and rose quartz, flourite, and Swarovski crystals.

I’ve included a lot of pictures, since the pendants colors seem much different in changing light.

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These area  little something new I’m doing. It started as an order for a friend’s postpartum doula business, and it was so fun, I’m planning more. The ones pictured below are a part of her order, but more are coming, and of course customs are very welcome. These are on stretchy gossamer, so can be slid on and off with ease. The sizes vary slightly, so that those with different wrist sizes can be comfortable however they like them, so if you like a a looser or snugger fit, please send a wrist measurements.

Prices will range by what is used, but will range from $9 to $15.

Since these are a new project, I’d love feed back and comments!

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To celebrate the beginning of spring, we have a coupon code from now until the Spring Equinox! Save 10% off any purchase at our ArtFire Shop!!

I’ll be going through all of our in stock items over the next week, as well as listing our new things too, so keep checking often.

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This necklace is inspired by Brigid, tender of the sacred flame, keeper of the Hearth. It’s available for sale on ArtFire for $37

Brigit goes by many names, but is associated with healing, inspiration, artists, childbirth, and many more things. Especially fire and hearth related things.  There is more out there about her than I could possibly post, but here’s some More Info here

To me, She is all about Flame. The fire of inspiration, creativity, the warmth of the hearth. So this piece is all in fire. White hot, deep oranges and reds, and sparkling yellows. Hot and glowing. Earlier this month we celebrated a day to honor Her (Imbolc, February 2nd), the return of light and the sun after the cold and darkness of winter. So working on this today, in a beautifully sunny spring like day, just felt perfect!

The center stone of this is a carnelian teardrop. It is surrounded by more carnelian, mother of pearl, aragonite, amber, citrine, mahogany obsidian, red agate, red jasper, moonstone, ice flake quartz, sterling silver, and tiger eye.

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I’m starting a new series of necklaces inspired by Goddesses. Here’s the first, for my own favorite Goddess, Dana.

Dana is a Celtic Goddess about which little is known. It is often heard of in the name Tuatha De Danann, there are bits and pieces about her scattered about. We can’t put together complete myths, but have enough to know she was likely associated with both water and the Land.

Though few facts have been recorded of her, she has always drawn my interest, first in fictional books, then in my own life. So it just seemed fitting that my first Goddess piece in this set be for her.

This tribute to her has colors of Earth, Water, and Light. The center piece is an unknown stone that just really caught my eye. For Water there is lapis, dumortierite, and Swarovski crystals. Earth has deep browns in tiger Swarovski crystals, tiger eye and hemalyke and vibrant greens in malachite, green agate and green tree stone.  And the white shells tie Light and Water together.

Danu (Irish goddess)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In Irish mythology, Danu (/’dɑnu/ (“u” short); modern Irish Dana /’dɑnə/) is the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann (Old Irish: “The peoples of the goddess Danu”). Though primarily seen as an ancestral figure, some Victorian sources also associate her with the Land.[1] Based on the evidence of place-names, such as the river Danube (Latin: Danuvius), Dniestr, Dniepr and Don, Danu may have been worshiped throughout the Celtic world. Indeed, the presence of a goddess named Danu in Hindu mythology, associated with water and mother of a race of Asuras called the Danavas, may indicate a very ancient Proto-Indo-European origin for this figure.

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