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We’re going to have a new feature here on Tuesdays. Each Tuesday, I’ll feature some other small business that deserves some Pixie Dust! Either a company we’ve done business with, vended with, or just admire, we’ll share our experiences here and hopefully you can add comments too!

We already have ideas for more, but please feel free to send links to sites you recommend. Heck, if you want us to review something of yours, that works too!

Since this week is the first, I’m going to actually revisit the other business we’ve already commented on.

The first time we did this it was about Goblin Road whose adorable stuffed Gobblers we loved last year at the NYS Faerie Fest. They’ve updated their website and it sounds like even more cute little goblins are to come! Though we haven’t let the kids have ours, since he was pretty special to us, they have had him at times and he has survived the battles very well. We can’t wait to see what else they have come up with!  And OMG, the outfits she makes, well, I have already planned out getting one for myself. They are even cooler in person than online 🙂

Each one of the little stuffed critters are one of a kind, and have such cool personality. And now, when checking their site for updates, I found them on Facebook too!  Please check them out, and feel free to let ’em know Nate and Apryl at Dragon Moon Creations sent you!

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