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Have you come to see the Faeries? Or is it the Dragons that called you here? Or maybe a bit of sparkle to wear to the next Ball?

Whichever it is, take your time, enjoy your stay, and let us know what you think.
We have the magical art of Nathan Miller. Faeries, magical creatures, and whatever else has inspired him lately. And the  energetic jewelry and balms of his wife, Apryl, as well.

Something for everyone, a bit of magic to share…

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Something new

Well, it turns out that trying to upload the hundreds of paintings Nate has done, sorting, lableing, pinning him down for info on them etc is just more than I can manage while also chasing around 4 kids. So we’re going to try something new!

We’ll be uploading all our new work, yes both of us, even if he doesn’t know it yet, with any info to go with it on this blog. It also gives us a nice easy way to let you all know what else we’re up to.

So for now, expect lots to come! We have an exciting month, so I’ll be back with lots of info and pics

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We’re just settling in here, but please check back soon!

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