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I just added a page to our site with our 2010 events to come.  The schedule isn’t yet complete, so be sure to check back, but it has at least June and July, unless we add even more.

Come on out to see us, we often have new things that aren’t online yet, and original art that you just can’t see as well online.

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Just found out for sure that we’re going to be at Fairport Canal Days this year. Nate’s work has been there in the past in the booth of Hanging Around Frame and Art, but this year we’re doing it on our own. Come out and see us, it’s always a great event with lots to see and do!  It’s June 4-6 and we’d love to see everyone local there.

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Just a few more pics from Faerie fest, lots of great things in the pics

Anything you would like to purchase, or see more of, please either leave a comment here with your email and we’ll get back to you, or you can email us at drgnmnc@gmail.com ). Even sold items, he can often redo something very similar, though of course not exactly the same.

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We survived our first big festival, it was quite an adventure, but was great! We arrived to rain and hail, a muddy first night to camp, and our first day was more hidden under blankets than we’d like. But as it went on, we got better and better weather, and by the end of the weekend, it was beautiful outside.

We enjoyed meeting so many great Faerie Friends, wonderful crafts, and playmates for our kids.

We did have a bit of rain damage, but luckily not to badly. I took lots of pics, but for some reason have had bad luck getting them posted, so hopefully we’ll get them up working soon.

We’ll be leaving for a vacation soon, but then will be listing lots of things on etsy, as well as putting things up here. We have to much stuff that we would love to move out. Now between his faerie art and the abstract, well, Nate has the walls covered right now. We could take them to local stores, but hey, why not sell them?

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