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I just added a page to our site with our 2010 events to come.  The schedule isn’t yet complete, so be sure to check back, but it has at least June and July, unless we add even more.

Come on out to see us, we often have new things that aren’t online yet, and original art that you just can’t see as well online.

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Well, I am behind schedule getting pics up and listings for sale of our remaining in stock items. But that’s ok, since in the last week 15 journals and 6 necklaces found new homes, so at least I got that done before I posted them all, right?

We finally got a new camera!!! Yeah!!!! So pics will no longer be a pain in the rear, whooo hoooo!


We also now have things in Watertown, a new location in Syracuse (the mall!), another gallery possible, and who knows what else will pop up.


Be sure to check out our etsy ( www.DragonMoon.etsy.com ) and artfire ( http://www.artfire.com/users/DragonMoonCreations )a lot over the next days and weeks, not only will new items be up, but lots of holiday special deals too!

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Those of you who have been checking in, and seeing our site keep chaning, thanks for hanging around. Things should be much simpler now for a while, finally!

Just a bit of an update, Nate’s work is now available at Hanging Around Frame and Art, as well as Casa Bella Luna and Meddy’s Musings. There are a couple places towards Syracuse coming soon too it seems, so keep your eye out for new places to check out.

Nate’s newer art has been mostly huge, full size paintings, so our scanner just hasn’t been up to the job. So I’ll be posting some pics over the next couple days, but they just don’t do his work justice, compared to a good scan, but we just found a local shop that might actually have a big enough scanner so better pics to come soon!

If you are needing custom work for the holidays, please contact us by mid November if it needs shipped, a bit later if local. Nate works long holiday hours so the more notice the better for him 🙂

Back soon with pics!

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