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I’ve been a little slow unpacking from Faerie Fest, but have a few new things listed over on our Art Fire Site . For now, Nate’s journals aren’t going to be there, as he just plain goes through them faster than I can get photos, edit the pics, and get them uploaded. But please feel free to look here his gallery of journals, and through his art. Nearly all of his paintings are available on journals as prints.

Lots of new jewelry too, got some uploaded on artfire, and coming here for pics too. It has been a crazy summer, so we apologize that haven’t gotten the site more up to date. Nate is still out of work with his back injury, tried heading back to work a week or two ago, and now the pain is back nearly at presurgery levels, so it has tossed a bit more chaos into our lives. Plus leaving lots of business things that normally are his job as mine job, while he continues to be under full health.

But on the upside, he is drawing and painting. He has a few in progress now that I can’t wait to see finished, I’m going to see if I can sneak in and get a couple in progress pics later.

And of course, a few more necklaces are rattling around in my head, just waiting for the final details of them to be decided so I can put them together. I really think that the planning, finding the right stones, researching various Goddesses (or other themes) is starting to take more than actually assembling, but that’s ok, I enjoy the whole process.

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I just added a page to our site with our 2010 events to come.  The schedule isn’t yet complete, so be sure to check back, but it has at least June and July, unless we add even more.

Come on out to see us, we often have new things that aren’t online yet, and original art that you just can’t see as well online.

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Just found out for sure that we’re going to be at Fairport Canal Days this year. Nate’s work has been there in the past in the booth of Hanging Around Frame and Art, but this year we’re doing it on our own. Come out and see us, it’s always a great event with lots to see and do!  It’s June 4-6 and we’d love to see everyone local there.

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Getting each of these individually listed at our ArtFire is going to take forever. So if you are interested in prints, or even originals, please comment here, or email us at drgnmnc@gmail.com and we’ll gladly get that for you.

There are tons and tons of faeries coming, so keep checking here as I add to them, it’s a slow process finding them. You know faeries, always flitting around and getting into things, so have to hunt down each one 🙂

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In the first step to update the site, tonight I uploaded tons and tons of new journal pics! Check out our journal gallery, please feel free to leave comments, we love hearing from friends, and keep checking back, more updates to come over the next days!

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Well, I am behind schedule getting pics up and listings for sale of our remaining in stock items. But that’s ok, since in the last week 15 journals and 6 necklaces found new homes, so at least I got that done before I posted them all, right?

We finally got a new camera!!! Yeah!!!! So pics will no longer be a pain in the rear, whooo hoooo!


We also now have things in Watertown, a new location in Syracuse (the mall!), another gallery possible, and who knows what else will pop up.


Be sure to check out our etsy ( www.DragonMoon.etsy.com ) and artfire ( http://www.artfire.com/users/DragonMoonCreations )a lot over the next days and weeks, not only will new items be up, but lots of holiday special deals too!

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Back from vacation!

We had a great vacation visiting family, just starting to get unpacked and settled, and then were off vending at Rochester’s Gay Pride Day. So I haven’t updated here yet, but lots to come! Of course many of the things we brought back from the Faerie Fest sold today, so a bit less to put up, but knowing Nate there will be more soon enough!

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